Forthcoming Papers
Prisms and pyramids of shelling components
Richard Ehrenborg
Symmetry type graphs of polytopes and maniplexes
Gabe Cunningham, Maria del Rio-Francos, Isabel Hubard, and Micael Toledo
A bound for the growth rate of binary matroids having no $PG(k-1,2)$-minor
Sean McGuinness
Another ham sandwich in the plane
Alexey Balitskiy, Alexey Garber and Roman Karasev
Asymptotics for the number of spanning trees in circulant graphs and degenerating d-dimensional discrete tori
Justine Louis
Identities for partitions with distinct colors
Bruce C. Berndt and Roberta R. Zhou
0-Hecke algebra action on the Stanley-Reisner ring of the Boolean algebra
Jia Huang
The combinatorics of automorphisms and opposition in generalised polygons
James Parkinson, Beukje Temmermans and Hendrik Van Maldeghem
The toric h-vector of a cubical complex in terms of noncrossing partition statistics
Sarah Birdsong and Gabor Hetyei
Restrictive patterns of combinatorial structures via comparative analysis
Eugenijus Manstavicius
Structure and enumeration of (3+1)-free posets
Mathieu Guay-Paquet, Alejandro H. Morales, and Eric Rowland
A polynomial expression for the character of diagonal harmonics
J. Haglund and A. Garsia
A bijective proof of the Alperin weight conjecture for $S_n$ when $p=2$
Seung-Il Choi and Young-Tak Oh
Markov bases and generalized Lawrence liftings
Hara Charalambous, Apostolos Thoma and Marius Vladoiu
A hypergeometric inequality
Atul Dixit, Victor H. Moll, and Veronika Pillwein
Maximal multiplicative properties of partitions
Christine Bessenrodt and Ken Ono
Symmetry and Prime Divisibility Properties of Partitions of $n$ into Exactly $m$ Parts
Brandt Kronholm and Acadia Larsen
Ramanujan-type partial theta identities and rank differences for special unimodal sequences
Byungchan Kim and Jeremy Lovejoy
Zig-zag graphs and partition identities of A. K. Agarwal
Augustine O. Munagi
On multiple and infinite log-concavity
Luis Medina and Armin Straub
The two-colour Rado number for the equation $ax + by = (a + b)z$
Swati Gupta, J. Thulasirangan, Amitabha Tripathi
Partitions with non-repeating odd parts and combinatorial identities
Krishnaswami Alladi
A generalization of Euler numbers to finite coxeter groups
Matthieu Josuat-Verges
Refined enumeration of noncrossing chains and hook formulas
Matthieu Josuat-Verges
Asymptotics of higher order OSPT-functions for overpartitions
Jose Miguel Zapata Rolon
Connection coefficients between generalized rising and falling factorial bases
Jeffrey Liese, Brian K. Miceli and Jeffrey Remmel
Feedback arc set problem and NP-hardness of minimum recurrent configuration problem of Chip-firing game on directed graphs
Kevin Perrot and Trung Van Pham
Hall-Littlewood polynomials and Cohen-Lenstra heuristics for Jacobians of random graphs
Jason Fulman
Combinatorial properties of Rogers-Ramanujan-type indentities arising from Hall-Littlewood polynomials
Claire Frechette and Madeline Locus
On the Maximum Parsimony distance between phylogenetic trees
Mareike Fischer and Steven Kelk
Vertex operators, Weyl determinant formulae and Littlewood duality
Naihuan Jing and Benzhi Nie
Some Finite abelian group theory and some q-series identities
Derek Garton
The Erdos-Ko-Rado property for some 2-transitive groups
Bahman Ahmadi and Karen Meagher
Canonical rings of $Q$-divisors on $P^1$
Evan O'Dorney
The Pieri rule for dual immaculate quasi-symmetric functions

Nantel Bergeron, Juana Sanchez-Ortega, and Mike Zabrocki
Multiplicative properties of the number of k-regular partitions

Olivia Beckwith and Christine Bessenrodt
New steps in walks with small steps in the quarter plane

Irina Kurkova and Kilian Raschel
A formula for the partition function that "counts"

Yuriy Choliy and Andrew V. Sills
Lower bounds on the Graver complexity of M-fold matrices

Elisabeth Finhold and Raymond Hemmecke
Robust graph ideals

Adam Boocher, Bryan Christopher Brown, Timothy Duff, Laura Lyman, Takumi Murayama, Amy Nesky, and Karl Schaefer
The first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitions

George Andrews, Song Heng Chan, Byungchan Kim, and Robert Osburn
Hoste's conjecture and roots of link polynomials

Alexander Stoimenow
Hoste's conjecture and roots of link polynomials

Alexander Stoimenow
On 3-dimensional lattice walks confined to the positive octant

Alin Bostan, Mireille Bousquet-Melou, Manuel Kauers, Stephen Melczer
Definability in the Substructure Ordering of Simple Graphs
Alexander Wires
Families of metrized graphs with small tau constants
Zubeyir Cinkir
Symmetries on the lattice of k-bounded partitions
Chris Berg and Mike Zabrocki
Ribbon graph minors and low-genus partial duals
Iain Moffatt
Hurwitz-Hodge integral identities from the cut-and-join equation
Wei Luo and Shengmao Zhu
A generating tree approach to $k$-nonnesting partitions and permutations
Sophie Burrill, Sergi Elizalde, Marni Mishna and Lily Yen
Integer decomposition property of free sums of convex polytopes
Takayuki Hibi and Akihiro Higashitani
Drew Armstrong, Nicholas A. Loehr, Gregory S. Warrington
Rational parking functions and Catalan numbers
Orbits of Fibonacci and Lucas cubes, dihedral transformations, and asymmetric strings
Ali Reza Ashrafi, Jernej Azarija, Khadijeh Fathalikhani, Sandi Klavzar, and Marko Petkovsek
On semi-finite hexagons of order (2,t) containing a subhexagon
Anurag Bishnoi and Bart De Bruyn
Critical sets of 2-balanced Latin rectangles
Nicholas Cavenagh and Vaipuna Raass
The mth Largest and mth Smallest Parts of a Partition
George E. Andrews and Greg Simay
Polynomial properties on large symmetric association schemes
Hiroshi Nozaki
A Schur-Weyl Duality Approach to Walking on Cubes
Georgia Benkart and Dongho Moon
Increasing tableaux, Narayana numbers and an instance of the cyclic sieving phenomenon
Timothy Pressey, Anna Stokke and Terry Visentin
On linear configurations in subsets of compact abelian groups, and invariant measurable hypergraphs
Pablo Candela, Balazs Szegedy, and Lluis Vena
Avoiding Monotone Chains in Fillings of Layer Polyominoes
Mitch Phillipson and Catherine H. Yan
The (Ordinary) Generating Functions Enumerating 123-Avoiding Words with r occurrences of each of 1,2,..., n are Always Algebraic
Nathaniel Shar and Doron Zeilberger
Facets of the $r$-stable $n,\,k$-hypersimplex
Takayuki Hibi and Liam Solus
Comparing and simplifying distinct-cluster phylogenetic networks
Stephen J. Willson
A formula for the specialization of skew Schur functions
Xiaomei Chen and Richard P. Stanley
A generating function approach to counting theorems for square-free polynomials and maximal tori
Jason Fulman
Ehrhart series, unimodality, and integrally closed reflexive polytopes
Benjamin Braun and Robert Davis
On the distribution of the number of fixed vectors for the finite classical groups
Jason Fulman and Dennis Stanton
Pairwise balanced designs covered by bounded flats
Nicholas M.A. Benson and Peter J. Dukes
A Lattice Path Interpretation of the Diamond Product
N. Bradley Fox
Phylogenetic invariants for $Z_3$ scheme-theoretically
Maria Donten-Bury
Primary components of codimension two lattice basis ideals
Zekiye Sahin Eser and Laura Felicia Matusevich
On $t$-core towers and $t$-defects of partitions
Larry Rolen
A bijection from staircase tableaux to inversion tables, giving some eulerian and mahonian
Sylvie Corteel and Sandrine Dasse-Hartaut
Analysis of Bidirectional Ballot Sequences and Random Walks Ending in their Maximum
Benjamin Hackl, Clemens Heuberger, Helmut Prodinger, and Stephan Wagner
On the multiplicity-free plethysms $p_2[s_\lambda]$
Luisa Carini
PolyhedralOmega: A New Algorithmfor Solving Linear Diophantine Systems
Felix Breuer and Zafeirakis Zafeirakopoulos
Some asymptotic results on $q$-binomial coefficients
Richard Stanley and Fabrizio Zanello
The Enumeration of Permutations Avoiding $3124$ and $4312$
Jay Pantone
Congruences for powers of the partition function
Madeline Locus and Ian Wagner
Completely effective error bounds for Stirling Numbers of the first and second kind via Poisson Approximation
Richard Arratia and Stephen DeSalvo
Generalized Polarization Modules
Hector Blandin
Remark on a result of Constantine
Padraig O. Cathain
Sharp upper bounds for the deviations from the mean of the sum of independent Rademacher random variables
Harrie Hendriks and Martien C.A. van Zuijlen
On the metric dimension of imprimitive distance-regular graphs
Robert F. Bailey
Generalizations of an Expansion Formula for Top to Random Shuffles
Roger Tian
Semitotal Domination in Claw-Free Cubic Graphs
Michael A. Henning and Alister J. Marcony
Inductively free Multiderivations of Braid arrangements
Henning Conrad and Gerhard Rohrle
Recurrences for Eulerian polynomials of type B and type D
Matthew Hyatt
Arithmetic Properties of m-ary Partitions Without Gaps
George E. Andrews, Eduardo Brietzke, Ystein J. Rodseth, and James A. Sellers
Vincular pattern posets and the Mobius function of the quasi-consecutive pattern poset
Antonio Bernini and Luca Ferrari
A tableau approach to the representation theory of $0$-Hecke algebras
Jia Huang
Two partition functions with congruences modulo 3, 5, 7, and 13
Chris Jennings-Shaffer
New non-existence proofs for ovoids of Hermitian polar spaces and hyperbolic quadrics
John Bamberg, Jan De Beule and Ferdinand Ihringer
On the complexity of computing MP distance between binary phylogenetic trees
Steven Kelk and Mareike Fischer
On the number of parts of integer partitions lying in given residue classes
Olivia Beckwith and Michael H. Mertens
Abdulaziz A. Alanazi, Stephen M. Gagola III and Augustine O. Munagi
Combinatorial proof of a partition inequality of Bessenrodt-Ono
On $\pi$-surfaces of four-dimensional parallelohedra
Alexey Garber
Multigraph Hyperplane Arrangements and Parking Functions
Mikhail Mazin
An algorithm to prove algebraic relations involving eta quotients
Cristian-Silviu Radu
Counting derangements and Nash equilibria
Raimundas Vidunas
On the Hamiltonicity of triple systems with high minimum degree
Vojtech Rodl, Andrzej Rucinski, Mathias Schacht, and Endre Szemeredi
Two Murnaghan-Nakayama Rules in Schubert Calculus
Andrew Morrison and Frank Sottile
On the Convergence of Monotone Hurwitz Generating Functions
I. P. Goulden, Mathieu Guay-Paquet, and Jonathan Novak
The generalized translation dual of a semifield
G. Lunardon, G. Marino, O. Polverino and R. Trombetti
Inequalities between odd moments of rank and crank for overpartitions
Renrong Mao
Skew standard domino tableaux and partial Motzkin paths
Ting-Yuan Cheng, Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu, and Yi-Lin Lee
Moments of normally distributed random matrices given by generating series for connection coefficients --- Explicit bijective computation
Ekaterina Vassilieva
Homotopy types of Frobenius complexes
Shouta Tounai
Shifted distinct-part partition identities in arithmetic progressions
Ethan Alwaise, Robert Dicks, Jason Friedman, Lianyan Gu, Zach Harner, Hannah Larson, Madeline Locus, Ian Wagner, and Josh Weinstock
Non-D-finite excursions walks in a three-quadrant cone
Sami Mustapha
Longest increasing subsequences and log concavity
Miklos Bona, Marie-Louise Lackner and Bruce E. Sagan
Intersections of Maximal Subspaces of Zeros of Two Quadratic Forms
David B. Leep and Claus Schubert
Once punctured disks, non-convex polygons, and pointihedra
Hugo Parlier and Lionel Pournin
Uniformly de Bruijn sequences and symbolic Diophantine approximation on fractals
Lior Fishman, Keith Merrill, and David Simmons
Counting SET-free sets
Nate Harman
Ehrhart series of fractional stable set polytopes of finite graphs
Ginji Hamano, Takayuki Hibi and Hidefumi Ohsugi
Constructing dominating sets in circulant graphs
Igor E. Shparlinski
A Classification of Orientably Edge-transitive Circular Embeddings of $K_{p^e,\,p^f}$
Wen Wen Fan, Caiheng Li, and Hai Peng Qu
A combinatorial proof of a symmetry of $(t, q)$-Eulerian numbers of type B and type D
Soojin Cho and Kyoungsuk Park
On the number of unary-binary tree-like structures with restrictions on the unary height
Olivier Bodini, Daniele Gardy, Bernhard Gittenberger, and Zbigniew Golebiewski
Lattice Paths, Young Tableaux, and Weight Multiplicities
Rebecca L. Jayne and Kailash C. Misra
Universal geometric coefficients for the four-punctured sphere
Emily Barnard, Emily Meehan, Nathan Reading, and Shira Viel
Quasisymmetric $(k, l)$-hook Schur functions
Sarah K. Mason and Elizabeth Niese
On the valuations of the near polygon $H_n$
Bart De Bruyn
A Wilbrink-like equation for neo difference sets
Patrick Cesarz and Robert S. Coulter
Syzygies on Tutte polynomials of freedom matroids
Joseph Kung
Structure constants for immaculate functions
Shuxiao Li
Integer Partitions with Even Parts below Odd Parts and the Mock Theta Functions
George E. Andrews
Enumeration of Commuting Pairs in Lie Algebras over Finite Fields
Jason Fulman and Robert Guralnick
A combinatorial proof of the smoothness of catalecticant chemes associated to complete intersections
Alexander Isaev
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