Books on Combinatorics
The Selected Works of George E Andrews (With Commentary)
George E Andrews (Author), Andrew V Sills (Editor)
Imperial College Press  February 4, 2013

George E Andrews is the Evan Pugh Professor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University. He is also President of the American Mathematical Society (AMS) for the period of 2009–2011. He is a world pioneer in partitions and q-series and his contributions include more than 250 scientific papers and several books on number theory and the theory of partitions. In 1976 he discovered Ramanujan's Lost Notebook, a finding which changed the shape of modern q-series research.Besides giving readers access to George Andrews' most important papers, this volume also provides his background commentary and comprehensive assessment of years of research and findings within the field of integer partitions.

The symmetric group
Bruce Eli Sagan
Springer-Verlag New York, Inc.  2001

This text is an introduction to the representation theory of the symmetric group from three different points of view: via general representation theory, via combinatorial algorithms, and via symmetric functions. It is the only book to deal with all three aspects of this subject at once. The style of presentation is relaxed yet rigorous and the prerequisites have been kept to a minimum?undergraduate courses in linear algebra and group theory will suffice.

The theory of group representations
Francis D Murnaghan
Dover Publications  September 2005

A distinguished contributor to the realm of applied mathematics presents a comprehensive introduction to the theory of group representations, focusing on the symmetric group and the rotation group, which are of fundamental significance to quantum mechanics (especially nuclear physics).

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