Books on Combinatorics
From Combinatorics to Philosophy
Ernesto Damiani, Ottavio D'Antona, Vincenzo Marra, Fabrizio Palombi
Springer  August 4, 2009

From Combinatorics to Philosophy: The Legacy of G. -C. Rota provides an assessment of G. -C. Rota's legacy to current international research issues in mathematics, philosophy and computer science. This volume includes chapters by leading researchers, as well as a number of invited research papers. Rota’s legacy connects European and Italian research communities to the USA by providing inspiration to several generations of researchers in combinatorics, philosophy and computer science. From Combinatorics to Philosophy: The Legacy of G. -C. Rota is of valuable interest to research institutions and university libraries worldwide. This book is also designed for advanced-level students in mathematics, computer science, and philosophy.

Generalized Hypergeometric Functions
Lucy Joan Slater
Cambridge University Press  November 2008

The theory of generalized hypergeometric functions is fundamental in the field of mathematical physics, since all the commonly used functions of analysis (Besse] Functions, Legendre Functions, etc.) are special cases of the general functions. The unified theory provides a means for the analysis of the simpler functions and can be used to solve the more complicated equations in physics. The generalized Gauss function is also used in mathematical statistics and the basic analogues of the Gauss functions have applications in the field of number theory. Dr Slater's treatment leads on from a discussion of the Gauss functions to the basic hypergeometric functions, the hypergeometric integrals, bilateral series and Appel series. This book was planned jointly with the late Professor W. N. Bailey as an extended revision of his Cambridge Mathematical Tract (1935) on the subject and Dr Slater has continued it single-handed since Professor Bailey's death, incorporating in it the results of many of her own researches.

Herbert S. Wilf
Academic Press  December 1, 1993

This is the Second Edition of the highly successful introduction to the use of generating functions and series in combinatorial mathematics. This new edition includes several new areas of application, including the cycle index of the symmetric group, permutations and square roots, counting polyominoes, and exact covering sequences. An appendix on using the computer algebra programs MAPLE(r) and Mathematica(r) to generate functions is also included. The book provides a clear, unified introduction to the basic enumerative applications of generating functions, and includes exercises and solutions, many new, at the end of each chapter

Geometric combinatorics
Ezra Miller, Victor Reiner, Bernd Sturmfels
American Mathematical Society  2007

Gian-Carlo Rota on Combinatorics,Introductory Papers and Commentaries
Gian-Carlo Rota and Joseph P. S. Kung
Birkhauser  November 1995

Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization
David Avis, David Avis and Odile Marcotte
Springer  September 15, 2006

Graph theory is very much tied to the geometric properties of optimization and combinatorial optimization. Moreover, graph theory's geometric properties are at the core of many research interests in operations research and applied mathematics. Its techniques have been used in solving many classical problems including maximum flow problems, independent set problems, and the traveling salesman problem.

Graphs, Networks and Algorithms
Dieter Jungnickel
Springer  November 29, 2010

The book is a first class textbook and seems to be indispensable for everybody who has to teach combinatorial optimization. It is very helpful for students, teachers, and researchers in this area. The author finds a striking synthesis of nice and interesting mathematical results and practical applications. ... the author pays much attention to the inclusion of well-chosen exercises. The reader does not remain helpless; solutions or at least hints are given in the appendix. Except for some small basic mathematical and algorithmic knowledge the book is self-contained.

Gröbner Bases in Symbolic Analysis
MarkusRosenkranz, DongmingWang
Walter De Gruyter  November 2007

This volume contains survey articles and original research papers, presenting the state of the art on applying the symbolic approach of Grobner bases and related methods to differential and difference equations. The contributions are based on talks delivered at the Special Semester on Grobner Bases and Related Methods hosted by the Johann Radon Institute of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Linz, Austria, in May 2006.

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