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Contributions to Discrete Mathematics

Honorary Editor-in-Chief: John H. Conway
ISSN: 1715-0868

Contributions to Discrete Mathematics


Contributions to Discrete Mathematics (ISSN 1715-0868) is a refereed e-journal dedicated to publishing significant results in a number of areas of pure and applied mathematics. Based at the University of Calgary, Canada, CDM is free for both readers and authors, edited and published online and will be mirrored at the European Mathematical Information Service and the National Library of Canada.

Editorial Board


Karoly Bezdek

Norbert Sauer

Hugh Williams

Managing editor:

Michael Lamoureux

Editorial Board:

Tim Alderson Eiichi Bannai Mike Bennett
Ted Bisztriczky Aart Blokhuis Robert Bonnet
Peter Borwein David Boyd Andrew Bremner
Richard Brent Johannes Buchmann Cristian S. Calude
Henri Cohen Henry Cohn Christian Delhomme
Michel Deza Reinhard Diestel Nikolai Dolbilin
Michael Drmota Doug Farenick Gabor Fejes Toth
Matthew Foreman Martin Goldstern Andrew Granville
Peter M. Gruber Richard Guy Pavol Hell
Martin Henk Aladar Heppes Wilfried Imrich
Hadi Kharaghani Neal Koblitz Gabor Korchmaros
Dugald Macpherson Jiri Matousek Alfred Menezes
James Mingo Luis Montejano Maurice Pouzet
Egon Schulte Igor Shparlinski Jozsef Solymosi
Peter Stevenhagen Douglas Stinson Ileana Streinu
Tamas Szonyi Herman te Riele Nicole Tomczak-Jaegermann
Walter Whiteley
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